Slava B. - Hailed as a "King of Rock" making him an absolute smasher of the stage in his own unique Genre. If you was ever thinking how is that possible to successfully combine Jazz,Ska,Rock and Metal genres, then here we go - Slava B. brings unforgettable experience in sound quality. Whilst Rhythmic and Punchy drums, heavy guitars, Melodic Horns and pianos pleasure your ears, the deep and heavy vocal tells you the painful story from his life experience. Sounds intriguing isn't it ?

The project has been started by Slava Belevcov ( Independent Music Producer from Russia ) back in 2016, working hard in a private studio and using the power of the mouth to promote his project ,Slava was moving towards writing his debut album that initially was called " My Heart ". By the middle of 2018, there were 49 tracks sitting on the shelf - only 11 has been carefully picked and included in his debut album. Finally in August 2018 it has been confirmed - Debut Album " My Heart " is going to be released on 12th of October 2018.

Debut Album "My Heart" - Will become available on all major digital platforms ( Spotify, Apple Music, GooglePlay, Deezer, Tidal, Shazam, Amazon Music, Napster, Pandora , Beatport + 150 other stores ) across the globe including US, Russia and Japan.

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