Cool for Cats -a traditional (anti) Christmas Party

Slava B.

The Portland Arms, Cambridge

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Cool For Cats...

REPEA*T Presents Its traditional (anti) Christmas Party at The Portland Arms

What festive season would be complete without the traditional REPEA*T (anti) Christmas Party? None, we'd dare to suggest!

For those not in the know, this near legendary event is a chance for all local wannabes, has beens and never weres to come along and embarrass themselves by playing a song or three on the chosen theme, with as much respect / ridicule as they see fit.

This year's theme is 'animals' which performers are welcome to interpret as imaginatively as they like.

If you're up for it (and let's face it, why wouldn't you be?) please email to book your slot.

We'll also require an audience; it's New Year's Eve the next night so we're running this gig nice and early, come along and have a laugh!

£4 entry for Love Music Hate Racism.

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Slava B.